Produced by Eichler Plays and Ali Kennedy Scott


The White Horse Tavern, FiDi | 25 Bridge Street | New York, NY

In Previews September 15-17

Opening Night September 18

Performances September 19-26

(Audience members under the age of 21 will be required to wear a wristband while in the establishment)

The Trailer

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REPULSING THE MONKEY is a hilarious and heartfelt site-specific play that tells the story of a brother and sister in Pittsburgh, PA, who inherit a local shot and beer tavern following the sudden death of their parents. The play addresses issues of gentrification through the lens of a working-class family who must make a tough decision that will change their lives and the spirit of their hometown forever. Should they keep the unprofitable bar and honor their folks, or sell to developers from the coasts and make a profit?


The Venue

The White Horse Tavern - FiDi

25 Bridge Street

New York, NY 10004

Our pub’s story is intertwined with New York City’s history. Bridge Street is one of the oldest blocks in New York, dating to the original 17th century Dutch settlement. The Dutch loved their beer, and on what is now our location, the Dutch West India Company built a brewery to supply the little town of New Amsterdam its favorite beverage.

Steps away, a fur trader, Philip Geraerdy became the first private tavern owner in the new world, opening the Wooden Horse Tavern in 1641. Named after a torture device of the era, the tavern’s name provoked controversy so Geraerdy changed it a few years later to the White Horse Tavern, etching the White Horse’s name in New York history.

Our current building dates to the mid 19th century, reflecting the architecture of New York’s mercantile era. It has been home to cotton dealers, commission merchants, and a fancy bag factory over this period, and as the the 20th century dawned, owners included U.S. congressman Jefferson M. Levy.

It wasn’t until the repeal of prohibition in 1933 that a pub was reborn in this space. Named the White Horse in honor of Geraerdy’s original tavern, it has been part of the fabric of the Financial District community ever since, a classic, authentic pub to gather, celebrate, and commiserate.

This has been our family’s livelihood since 1976, and we welcome you to join us and experience our hospitality!


The Gleeson Family

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